Polyend Poly Eurorack Module

MIDI connected to modular world

There are many great, functional MIDI tools and devices (DAWs, controllers, sequencers, keyboards etc.) and as many fantastic Eurorack modules. Poly seamlessly connects these worlds thanks to its multiple inputs and outputs.

The interface

Poly equips you with all kinds of MIDI inputs. Connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to its USB port, your class compliant MIDI controllers via USB Host, and all the other devices via the classic MIDI DIN port. A whole array of analog outputs give you the versatility to hook up loads of different types of modules. Eight rows of Gate, Pitch, Velocity, and Modulation let you freely control synth and drum voices.

MPE compatible

We are huge fans of MIDI and its vast possibilities. That’s why we created Poly to be compatible with MPE standard (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression). We believe that MPE is a perfect match for the modulars.

Michał Wolski meet Poly Module

Polish musician Michał Wolski is using Polyend Poly MIDI to CV converter to combine the analogue universe with a power of digital force. This combination unveils a whole new territory in his creative path. It was an honour and pleasure to visit your sonic temple, thank you for the tea Michał!