Lunar Experience Moon 2VS Two Voice Synthesizer System

Vintage style tolex covered wooden cabinet with two rows in standard height for 8 units each and one row for modules in CP size. With front lid and power supply (±15 V/+5 V). The normalization scheme allows to operate it without any patch cord.

Modules included: 

  • 2 x M 501D Dual Oscillator
  • 2 x M 526 Mixer
  • 2 x M 517S  Low Pass/High Pass Filter
  • 2 x M 511D  Dual Envelope Generator
  • M 524 Quad Low Frequency Oscillator
  • M 526 Mixer
  • M 594 Multiple
  • M 551CP Dual Midi to Voltage Converter
  • M 543 CP 4 Channel CV Output Mixer