Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A (Desktop)

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A is the perfect starting point into the eurorack modular world, offering a MIDI-to-CV interface, oscillators, filters, LFO, envelope generator, mixer, VCA, an effects section and even a memory sequencer/interpolator for new incredible sounds. Each section has input and output patch points and adds a lot of power to any existing modular synth. Even without patching a single cable, Delta Cep A can be used as a powerful solo synthesizer and chords/pads machine.

This model of Delta Cep A comes in a desktop case with power supply so that it can be used as a standalone semi-patchable desktop synth, though it can be removed from the case and mounted in a eurorack enclosure if you prefer.

The Interpolator stores patch memories of the synthesizer and allows for automatic sequential recall and crossfading between these patches.

The MIDI-to-CV interface translates MIDI signals to control voltages to control the internal synthesizer and external synth modules.

Swarm Oscillator
The Swarm Oscillator is a bank of up to eight oscillators that can be tuned in chords, clusters or fat detuned multi-oscillator sounds.

The mixer controls the balance between external signals, the Swarm Oscillator and the noise generator.

Delta Cep A has one analog and one digital multimode filter to choose from with low pass, high pass and band pass modes.

ADSR generator
The ADSR Generator creates fast, snappy envelopes and offers CV control over attack and decay times.

FX section
The FX section does delay effects and is the perfect addition to this synthesizer voice.

More Information
Manufacturer Radikal Technologies
Condition New
Analog/Digital Digital
Number of Keys None
Weighted Keys No
Voices of Polyphony Monophonic, but up to (8) oscillators may be arranged in chords and played paraphonically
Oscillators per Voice Varies by Sound Engine
Effects Delay
Audio File Playback No
Arpeggiator No