API 1608 16-Channel Recording Console

///API 1608 16-Channel Recording Console

API 1608 16-Channel Recording Console

Discrete, 16 channel analog recording console
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API 1608 16-Channel Recording Console

API has rightfully earned its place in the music history books, not to mention the hearts of all kinds of engineers. And this stalwart sixteen-channel console, the 1608, deserves its spot in API’s legendary lineage. Here, you get the premium analog circuitry and unmistakable mojo of a straight-from-the-’60s API console. But, more than that, the 1608 offers up 500 Series compatibility to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, anchoring front end duties while remaining customizable to suit your evolving style and workflows. Although there are upgrade options, such as fully loaded 500 Series slots and DAW automation, there is nothing “base” about the API 1608 base model. If you’re wanting to tap into historic API sound and make a significant sonic and long-term monetary investment in your studio, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better console than the API 1608.

  • Discrete circuitry, smart layout, classic analog sound
  • Optional “loaded” with API modules or your favorite 500 Series gear
  • Optional automation bridges the analog-to-DAW gap
  • Simply a smart investment


When you reach for an API, there’s a reason, and the 1608 delivers every bit of that sonic integrity and build quality you’ve come to expect. Indeed, API built the 1608 to the same exacting build standards as their iconic Vision and Legacy consoles. Decked out with API’s premium discrete circuitry and a comfortable working layout, complete with 5.1 center section monitoring and analog metering, you’ll feel right at home behind the API 1608.


Thanks to sixteen 500 Series slots, the API 1608 is compatible with VPR Alliance 500 Series gear, so you can seamlessly bring your favorite modules into your workflow. This means the API 1608 can easily transition from a first-class input console to a premium mastering workstation, offering value to the busy studio’s varying and evolving needs. Optional “loaded” models are available, decked out with API’s iconic 548B microphone preamps and 550A EQs at a special bundle price. We can also work with you to mix-and-match your choice of 500 Series gear, turning your API 1608 into the customized console you’ve always wanted.


API understands that modern musicians and engineers tap into the vast power of this era’s digital audio workstations, that’s why the API 1608 offers an optional automation system to streamline your workflow. Derived from the API Vision Automation System used to great acclaim on the Vision and Legacy Plus consoles, the API 1608’s optional automation system integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAW. Arm your DAW and write right into it, watching the faders move along your set path upon playback. For those seeking tight DAW integration but don’t want to sacrifice analog sonic integrity, the API 1608 truly offers a best-of-both worlds solution. What’s more, even if you initially forego the automation option, the API 1608 can be retrofitted with the P-mix automation at any time. We’d be glad to help if and when that need arises.


Choose the API 1608 for all the reasons we’ve already mentioned. It really is a stellar piece of gear and has earned its spot in studios of all sizes (and among top-pedigree engineers). But, if you need one more reason to go 1608, it’s got to be the investment factor. This piece of gear has a reputation for holding its value. Use it and love it in the now and know that you’re investing in the look, feel, and sound of your studio space, plus growing your studio’s assets column. It’s an outright win for everyone.


  • Sixteen-channel analog console with DAW automation
  • Sixteen 500 Series slots compatible with VPR Alliance modules
  • Eight main buses, eight aux buses, eight echo returns
  • One stereo bus
  • Full center section control
  • Analog metering and 5.1 center section monitoring
  • Comprehensive rear patch connections
  • Optional “loaded” version with twelve 550A EQs and four 560 EQs or your choice of 500 Series gear
  • Optional P-mix automation system reads and writes into your DAW