Spectra 1964 Model 610 Complimiter

The Model 610 is the original Complimiter introduced in 1969. It utilizes the 601 compressor/limiter module, with a 101 Preamplifier for make-up gain. Two 610 Complimiters can be interconnected for stereo use via the 610 SI Accessory.

Spectra Sonics Complimiters

The 601 compressor/limiter module (above) was introduced in 1969. It was first implemented in the Spectra Sonics Model 610 Complimiter (below). It acts as a separate compressor and peak limiter, or it can perform both functions simultaneously. Today, the 601 is still the fastest, quietest, and most versatile analog compressor/limiter available. The 601 module is the heart and soul of each of our Complimiter models. Choose which Complimiter best suits your application: