Black Lion Audio T4BLA Opto Element

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Black Lion Audio T4BLA Opto Element


T4b Opto Element Upgrade
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Black Lion Audio T4BLA Opto Element

Ultimate Opto Upgrade

The T4b opto cell is the beating heart of the most iconic optical compressors ever made. Black Lion Audio — a company famous for their performance-chasing “hot-mod” design philosophy — collected a bevy of commercial and boutique opto cells and put them on the bench in an attempt to find one that met their stringent requirements. No dice. So, they designed their own. The Black Lion Audio T4BLA optical cell delivers the perfect “feel” and “sag” that engineers want from their own opto-compressors. Tested and certified to be compatible with a range of today’s optical compressor units, the Black Lion Audio T4BLA opto element is an excellent upgrade that makes an immediate audible difference.

Black Lion Audio T4BLA Opto Element Compatibility:

  • Anthony DeMaria Labs: ADL1000
  • Anthony DeMaria Labs: ADL1500
  • Audioscape: Opto Compressor
  • IGS: One leveling Amplifier
  • Golden Age Project: Comp2A
  • Golden Age Project: Comp3A
  • Klark Teknik: KT2A
  • Shadow Hills Industries: Mastering Compressor
  • Stam Audio: SA2A
  • Stam Audio: SA23+
  • Universal Audio: LA2A
  • Universal Audio: LA3A
  • Warm Audio: WA2A
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