Tube-Tech MEC1A Channel Strip

Tube-Tech MEC1A Channel Strip encompasses the all tube based designs of the MP 1A Microphone Preamplifier, EQ 1A Equalizer and CL 1B Compressor in a powerful, two-unit recording package – designed and hand crafted to deliver the warmth of vintage quality recordings with unrivaled accuracy, purity and realism

The TUBE-TECH MEC 1A Recording Channel is a one channel recording unit, featuring a microphone preamplifier equalizer and compressor. At the heart of the shelving and bell filters you will find a tube operational amplifier.

The MEC 1A is all tube based except for the power supply. Input and Output have fully floating transformers. All DC voltages are stabilized, except the anode voltage for the output stage.

Product Features

Tube based “three-in-one” recording solution

Microphone Preamplifier

+20 dB to +70 dB Gain
Phantom Power (+48 V)
Phase Reverse
-20 dB pad
Lowcut filter
High-impedance DI-input (>1 Mohm) for direct connection of guitar, bass or keyboard


Three bands
6 Low shelving frequency choices
6 High shelving frequency choices
Bell type Mid section with 12 switchable frequencies
Variable Q
Separate in/out switch


Optical gain reduction element
Linkable for stereo applications
Variable Attack and Release parameters
Ratio 1,5:1 to 10:1
Separate in/out switch


Master Output Gain (off to +10 dB)
Clickless swap relay (Equalizer <-> Compressor)
VU-Meter showing output or compression
Frequency response @ -3dB: 5 Hz to 60 kHz
Low Noise: < – 85 dBu @ 10 dB gain
Gold-plated switches
Conductive plastic potentiometers
Fully regulated power supply with toroidal transformer