Kahayan 12K72 Preamp (Mono)

///Kahayan 12K72 Preamp (Mono)

Kahayan 12K72 Preamp (Mono)

Based on a classic 70`S Preamp.


Kahayan 12K72 Preamp (Mono)

Based on a classic 70`S Preamp.

The 12k72 is a high class preamplifier which contains a ‘module’ per channel. The main feature of these ‘modules’ is a sound completely clear and transparent, with deep bass and an extremely natural treble.

 The components used in manufacturing come essentially from the same manufacturers that supplied the ones used originally, reproducing and expanding the benefits of these. Everything inside this preamplifier is high quality: the wires, rotary switches, capacitors, resistors and connectors.

The benefits that this module offers, besides the already known sound merits, are:

• Iron Rack 1 unit format. • Two mic / line independent preamp working in pure class A • Using discrete technology (without IC’s). • Gain control in steps of 5dB. • Output Level Control in steps of 1dB. • Phantom power 48v with pilot light. • Phase reverse switch. • Microphone / Line Switch (Also useful in line mode for mastering or mixbus processor). • Inputs and outputs: balanced and unbalanced (XLR and jack) • External high quality Power supply. • Front input jack for connecting high impedance electric instruments (guitar, bass, synth, etc.).

Specifications:​ ​​· Inputs: ​​ ​Mic Input: 1200Ω, 3 pin XLR bal. Instrument Input: 10KΩ, stereo jack bal. · Outputs:​ Balanced: 3 pin XLR. Unbalanced: Jack Mono. The signal is taken before the output transformer giving another colour to the balanced output. Max. Gain: XLR input: 65 db.​ Ouput control:  Key steps of 12 positions adjustable in 1dB steps (the typical fader function).