Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture 20A Anniversary Edition Culture Vulture – IN STOCK!

  • Independent channel operation
  • Odd or even harmonic distortion, or combination of both.
  • All valve design free from solid state additives.
  • High impedance line input or instrument inputs.
  • 4 & 7 kHz filters
  • Overdrive & bypass switches

Thermionic Culture is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of a limited edition of the Culture Vulture called the Culture Vulture 20A at the 2018 NAMM Show. The release will be limited to 120 units supplied with Mullard and Phillips factory valves and a signed certificate.

It differs from the original in that it has much lower background noise using Sowter transformers to balance line inputs and outputs and also indented pots for easy recall. The sound is nearly identical to the original except the top end is extended to far beyond audio range making it a great mastering tool. It still has the classic Culture Vulture distortion settings with an extra extreme position on the function switch.