Highland Dynamics Bg1 Stereo Tube Compressor


Mono all-tube vintage-inspired compressor
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Highland Dynamics Bg1 Stereo Tube Compressor

The Highland Dynamics BG1 is a versatile stereo tube compressor that combines the sound of classic vintage designs with innovative new features. With both British and American compression modes, stereo-linking capabilities, and a wide range of attack and release time options, the BG1 is a modern compressor with a vintage soul.


While the Highland Dynamics BG1 is based on beloved tube compressors of the 50s and 60s, it’s anything but a clone. At its core, the BG1 is modeled after the legendary Altec 436, although an array of tone tweaks, control modifications, and noise improvements have transformed it into something entirely new.


Don’t let the numbers confuse you — the BG1 is the successor to the best-selling BG2 mono tube compressor. While the BG1 features the same high – octane twin 6V6 output stage as the BG2, a number of useful features have been added.

Link the left and right channels with the flip of a switch and use the stereo BG1 for subtle mix bus compression, moderate channel compression, or even aggressive parallel processing. New 9-position attack and release time controls allow you to dial in fast, punchy dynamics, or glue tracks together with slower settings.


Dial in dramatically different sounds using the BG1’s two distinct compression modes. British mode compresses signals using plate-to-plate style feedback, just like the original Altec 436. Perfect for soft, smooth tube compression, British mode delivers super-clean transients. Switch to American mode for a more aggressive tone that adds plenty of bite. Ideal for coloring tracks with saturation, use this mode when you want your track to cut through the mix. A three-way Threshold switch makes setting the BG1 a breeze. Simply select Low for “classic” compression amounts, Medium for more compression, and High for soft transient distortion.


  • Transformer-balanced I/O
  • Input and output level controls
  • Switchable feedback settings
  • 9 attack and release positions
  • Link switch for stereo use
  • Compression HOLD function
  • 600 and 150 ohm input impedance taps

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