Slate ML-1V Vintage Edition + Classic Tubes 3 Bundle

The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition pairs the same ultra-linear microphone circuit from Slate Digital’s award-winning ML-1 with an all-new body design inspired by the classic look of the legendary Telefunken U47. The ML-1 Vintage Edition is a large diaphragm condenser microphone designed as part of Slate’s Virtual Microphone System, allowing you to emulate eight different iconic studio microphones with unparalleled accuracy.


Classic cars. Retro fashion. Vintage guitars. There’s something undeniably awesome about designs from the 50s. Now you can enjoy all the marvels of modern technology with the classic looks of yesteryear thanks to the Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition. The ML-1 Vintage Edition is the perfect combination of vintage vibe and modern technology, featuring a vintage “47-style” body with modern high-end components.

While the ML-1 Vintage Edition is specially designed to work in conjunction with the VMS system, it can also be used on its own as a super-clean, high resolution, sonically neutral large diaphragm condenser mic. Offering a true “blank canvas” frequency response, the ML-1 Vintage Edition features a shock-mounted, gold sputtered, 6-micron capsule and a state of the art FET circuit path.


  • ML1-V mic
  • Wooden storage case
  • Travel case
  • Shock mount
  • Classic Tubes 1 & 2 + VPC software card
  • Classic Tubes 3 FREE


The Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3 expansion pack adds five new lush, vintage, and warm tube mics to the Virtual Microphone System mic locker. From German classics to custom hybrid Tube/Ribbon mics, these mics will help give your recordings a classic tone and feel.

  • FG-37A: Recreation of a famous vintage Japanese tube mic. This mic is one of the most flattering sounding in the entire collection. The midrange is sculpted in a way that makes almost any voice sound pleasing. It also sounds great on acoustics, drum overheads, and piano.
  • FG-44: This is the first VMS model of a classic ribbon mic, but in cardioid form. Slate also added a custom tube stage to give the mic model some more tube harmonics and subtle saturation. This mic is great on anything that needs ultra smooth vintage vibes.
  • FG-47 MKII: This is the second model of a famous old German tube mic. It is similar in nature to the stock 47, but has a slightly smoother upper midrange and top, along with a fatter low mid. This mic will be perfect for vintage vocal sounds, and will sound great on a kick drum or bass cab.
  • FG-67 MKII: The stock 67 in the VMS collection has the low pass filer mod which makes it brighter than typical 67, so Slate decided to add a gorgeous sounding stock 67 to Classic Tubes 3. The stock 67 is somewhat dark on the top end with beautiful, lush lows. It can be great on vocals, drum rooms, piano, horns, and just about anything that needs a vintage tone!
  • FG-49: A model of one of the most famous old German tube mics, the FG-49 has an incredibly dominant and rich midrange along with a slightly airy and smooth top end. It makes a fantastic vocal mic on the right singer, but really shines as a drum room mic, piano mic, horn mic, or kick rum mic.


The ML-1 Vintage Modeling Microphone includes Classic Tubes 1 and 2 software featuring the following microphone emulations:

  • FG-47: This mic will take you back in time. It’s lush, warm, fat, present, and BIG sounding. If you have a wimpy source, it gets fixed with this mic. It doesn’t have that modern sizzly top-end air, but it takes EQ in the top end like a champion. I love adding some Custom Series 10 kHz when using this mic. By pushing the intensity, it gets even darker, moodier, and a bit more saturated. Don’t just use this microphone on vocals. Put it on drums as a room mic. Put it on the outside of a kick. Put it on horns, strings.
  • FG-800: The FG-800 is based on a solid performing studio vocal mic. This is a bright and airy microphone. That airy, clear, bright tone works perfectly in a pop mix with no EQ needed. When this mic works, nothing will sound as good. And it actually works a lot, even on modern male rock vocals.
  • FG-251: The FG-251 sounds so good on just about everything. It’s the perfect balance of top, middle, and bottom. There is something so flattering about this mic that every singer just sounds better than they do in the actual room. The intensity is really fun with this one. This mic pairs well with both preamps, so try them both using the VMR A->B system.
  • FG-12: The FG-12 emulates an Austrian classic known for being incredibly smooth and rich-sounding. Slate chose an absolutely incredible mic to model that is the perfect representation of this famous tone.
  • FG-800M: The FG-800M emulates an older Japanese tube mic and is slightly fatter and darker than the stock FG-800. If you love the FG-800 but wish it was a tad less sibilant and bright, you’re gonna love this.
  • FG-M7:The FG-M7 takes one of the most famous dynamic vocal mics used by artists like Michael Jackson, and adds the tube stage of the classic 47 making it extremely punchy, crisp, with incredible mids that cut through the mix. Definitely gonna be a favorite!
  • FG-269: The FG-269 emulates an extremely rare German classic that shares much of the same circuit as the 67, but has a different tube that makes it more open and clear. This is one of the best sounding vocal mics I’ve ever heard.
  • FG67: The FG-67 emulates a German classic known for being bold, slightly dark, and thick. This is amazing as a vocal mic, room mic, horn mic, piano mic, and is probably my favorite on toms.


  • FG-73: The FG-73 preamp module is modeled after one of the most famous discrete solid state preamps in the industry, made in Britain and used on countless recordings. It has a bold, present and warm sound that works great on any audio source – even full mixes.
  • FG-76: The FG-76 preamp module is modeled after a vintage German tube preamp that has been used on many classic recordings. It has a thick and colorful tone that can make tracks and mixes sound more ‘alive’. The bottom-end saturates in a very unique and musical way, making it a great module for bass guitar and kick drum tracks.


  • Software Type: Virtual Modeling
  • Platform: Mac, PC
  • Format: AAX, AU, VST2 & VST3
  • Hardware Requirements, Mac: Quad Core i5 Processor, 4GB RAM
  • Hardware Requirements, PC: Quad Core i5 Processor, 4GB RAM
  • OS Requirements, Mac: OS X 10.7 and above
  • OS Requirements, PC: Windows 7 and above
  • iLok2 Required