Vintage Vibe Tine Piano – 73 Deluxe (Passive)

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Vintage Vibe Tine Piano – 73 Deluxe (Passive)


The finest handmade electro-mechanical piano in the world.

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Vintage Vibe Tine Piano – 73 Deluxe (Passive)

The finest handmade electro-mechanical piano in the world.  The 73 Deluxe model includes Deluxe Lid and passive electronics. LIGHTWEIGHT The 44, 64, and 73 key pianos weigh in at 35, 53, and 60 pounds, respectively. We’ve engineered classic EP goodness into a form factor that weighs less than one pound per key!

STEREO TREMOLO PREAMP Our Stereo Vibe preamplifier features the iconic sound of the Rhodes Peterson preamplifier while providing all the benefits and reliability of modern components. FIBERGLASS SPARKLE LIDS Our sparkle top lids are individually handcrafted in the USA by our fiberglass artisans. These are not painted lids – lids undergo a metal flake gel-coat process for ultimate durability. Lifetime sparkle guaranteed. View our sparkle chart. If sparkles aren’t your thing, check out our high gloss solid color lids. LINDEN WOOD KEY BED Our masterfully designed, engineered and hand crafted to have the lightest and quickest response of any electric piano. SWAGED STEEL TINES The Vintage Vibe Piano utilizes swaged steel tines that are manufactured and assembled in the USA with the same equipment used by Fender! Our tines share the same trade secrets used to manufacture the original tines. In other words, our tines are a dead on replica of the original Fender Rhodes tines! CUSTOM-WOUND PICKUPS Vintage Vibe pickups are hand wound in the USA and have been designed to prevent unwanted “microphonics” while maintaining the quintessential ‘classic’ electric piano tone.