Source Audio True Spring Reverb

The new True Spring Reverb incorporates 3 Spring Reverb sounds from the Ventris with 3 Tremolo styles from the Vertigo Tremolo, enabling users to creatively explore some great possibilities of decades old, highly sought after sounds!
Reverb Sounds:   Short or Long reverb engines for spring reverb tones inspired by iconic combo amps, or the Tank engine, inspired by tube driven outboard spring tanks.
Three Styles of Tremolo – Opto, Bias, and Harmonic
Compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (iOS and Android) and Neuro Desktop Editor (Mac and Windows),  end users are able to further expand possibilities for the True Spring, including deep effects editing, advanced signal routing, and access to the Neuro Community. Within these apps they can create customized presets that can be named and saved to the cloud. True Spring presets can be made private or shared publicly with other members of the Neuro Community.