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iConnectivity mioXM USB MIDI Interface


4×4 USB-MIDI Interface with (4) Class Compliant USB Ports, (4) 5-pin DIN Connections, and 12 Networked MIDI Ports over Ethernet
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iConnectivity mioXM USB MIDI Interface

Networkable 4-in/4-out MIDI Interface and Wireless Hub

With the iConnectivity mioXM, it’s possible to network your entire MIDI studio and stage instruments in ways never before possible. On a desk in front of you, the standalone mioXM connects up to four 5-pin DIN-MIDI or USB-MIDI devices — synths, drum machines, controllers, and more — over a rock-solid, Class Compliant plug-and-play USB connection for you to access sounds across multiple virtual libraries, sound modules, and iOS devices. That alone is pretty cool. But hook into the mioXM’s Cat 5 Ethernet connection, and you’ve got hundreds of additional feet to work with and up to 12 virtual network ports for syncing multiple devices across your home or venue. So let’s say you want to send a MIDI performance from a stage controller to a sound module at FOH, or maybe you want to map your entire synth room together for instant DAW access — it’s all possible with the iConnectivity mioXM. You can even send MIDI wirelessly to iOS devices using the NetMIDI app. A new cleaner Auracle software interface lets you custom-name every device and port for fumble-free DAW access. Meanwhile, four presets accessible via the mioXM’s front panel allow you to take your show on the road without affecting your studio setup once you get home.

mioXM: the smart way to tie your studio together

This clever MIDI interface not only supports multiple devices simultaneously (Mac, PC, or iOS) — but its onboard Audio passThru technology shuttles digital audio between them with absolutely no signal degradation. Think of the possibilities. A soft synth running on your iPad could act as if it were a touch-controlled plug-in instantiated in your DAW. You could process a software instrument in your DAW through an amp simulator on your iPhone. You could slave your Mac or PC to your iOS device. The iConnectivity mioXM even has an onboard Ethernet port for long-range network connectivity across your stage or studio.

Four routing presets

Got a gig you really need your mioXM at? No problem. Just save your live and studio routing setups via the mioXM’s four presets. No computer required — just reach out and access them via the front panel.

More-powerful Auracle software

The latest version of iConnectivity’s Auracle software adds deep configuration functionality to the original’s simple, intuitive workflow. You can access MIDI merging, filtering, remapping, and deep routing in a click or two.

4x Class Compliant host ports

With four onboard USB-MIDI host ports, the mioXM is able to accommodate multiple Class Compliant USB-MIDI devices across your instruments and libraries. Synths, controllers, samplers, beatmakers — all computing devices connected to the mioXM can send and receive MIDI and audio from devices that are connected to any of its USB host ports.

Long-range Ethernet and wireless connectivity

The mioXM also sports an Ethernet port, so you can connect to a wireless router, Ethernet hub/router, or any Ethernet-enabled device. It’s network discoverable, so you can control any of the devices connected to mioXM via your network connection, for even more connectivity and control options. With all this going for it, the iConnectivity mioXM is the smart way to tie your modern digital studio together!

iConnectivity mioXM USB MIDI Interface Features:

  • Networkable 4-in/4-out MIDI interface and hub from iConnectivity
  • Ethernet connection supports up to 330′ of wired range
  • Links your studio and stage instruments in ways never before possible
  • 4 Class Compliant USB-MIDI host ports
  • 4 in/out 5-pin DIN connections
  • 12 networked MIDI ports
  • 4 onboard presets for computer-free routing
  • Updated Auracle software adds deep configuration to a streamlined workflow
  • Wireless MIDI to your iOS devices using the NetMIDI iOS app
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