iConnectivity mioXC

The USB Type-C 1×1 MIDI interface for Mac, PC, iOS, or Android

Tiny in size and price, yet big on connectivity! mioXC is a pocket-sized powerhouse! mioXC is a fuss-free and simple 1×1, 16 channel MIDI interface you can use to connect your MIDI compatible gear. Whether you have a controller keyboard, synthesizer, drum machine or whatever; mioXC lets you connect them to your Mac, PC, iOS, or Android computing device.

What Makes mioXC Unique?

Even the most basic tasks need to be done right; it’s surprising how many of our competitors interfaces get it wrong. We engineered mioXC, from the ground up to, to be the interface we’d want to use ourselves.

  • Modern USB Connectivity – Equipped with both USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectivity, mioXC lets you enjoy easy connectivity with most modern computing devices.

  • Driver Compatibility – Interfaces that use their own drivers have to be updated all the time, or they stop working properly. Likewise some designs were USB Class-Compliant years ago, but today they aren’t anymore. We engineer our drivers to today’s strict guidelines, and keep them updated, to ensure compatibility for years to come.

  • MIDI Management – Our interfaces deliver MIDI reliably no matter what. When the MIDI data-stream gets heavy, our interfaces plough on where other interfaces choke.

  • Rock-Solid Electrical Design – Some MIDI interfaces introduce noise, or worse, crash your system. You’ll never get that from an iConnectivity interface.

  • Performance Optimized – A MIDI interface that works too slowly is useless. mioXC uses a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex processor, ensuring dense MIDI and SysEx streams are managed with ease.

The iConnectivity Advantage: iConnectivity’s name on your interface means we took the time to do it right, whether it’s our simple 1 x 1 models to our uniquely sophisticated high-end interfaces.

Key features

  • USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectivity: connect seamlessly with most types of modern computers/computing devices

  • 1×1 DIN-MIDI connectivity

  • Supports 16 channels of MIDI I/O

  • USB bus powered

  • Plug and play – no drivers needed

  • USB-MIDI Class-Compliant

  • Android compatible: connect easily to most modern Android devices directly via USB-C

  • iOS compatible: works with USB Type-C iOS devices or with Lightning equipped devices using Apple Lightning to USB Camera adapter (adapter not included)

  • Mac and PC compatible

  • Powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex Processor

  • Designed and engineered in North America by iConnectivity’s award winning development team

What’s in the box

  • One mioXC MIDI Interface.

  • One USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter