TK Audio TF-1

Tone-shaping Essential

TK Audio’s TF1 500 series highpass/lowpass filter module keeps it simple. Whether you’re tracking in the studio or fine-tuning your tone onstage, high/lowpass EQing is an essential step in bringing clarity to your signal, and it doesn’t get much more straightforward than the TF1. Both sections give you a variable frequency control knob, a x10 button for expanding your frequency range control, a 6/12dB slope option, and an in/out button for easy A/B auditioning of your signal. The TK Audio TF1 highpass/lowpass filter module is a great addition to your rack.

TK Audio’s TF1 500 Series Highpass/Lowpass Filter Module Features:

  • Essential EQ control in convenient 500 series rack module
  • Individual highpass and lowpass filters with 6dB or 12dB slope for flexible tone shaping
  • A x10 switch on each section broadens your frequency range control

Get essential tonal control in your 500 series rack with TK Audio’s TF1!